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Letter to Alumnae

Letter to Alumnae

To Our Life Long Sisters,

Welcome back to the most honorable sisterhood! We know that your time spent as a collegian was where you found the greatest friendships and had the fondest of memories. Now that you are an alumna and out into the real world, we want you to have the chance to come back and enjoy our sisterhood just as much as you did before. We have many opportunities to make you feel back home again! You can help us with creating amazing pieces for Phi Kappa Tau’s annual Step Show or for the annual Fryberger Greek Sing Competition. Is creativity not your strong suit? That’s quite alright, you can join us for our philanthropy events that go on throughout the school year. There’s also the chance to write our new members kind letters for Bid Day that way our new members can be just as welcomed as I was. Throughout the school year, there will be events to come along that you will be invited and welcomed to come to, such as Big/Little Reveal, Collegiate-Alumnae events, Founders Day Breakfast/Brunch, and Senior Sendoff where you can meet all of the new members that have come since you have moved on! Know that your home is always with Pi Alpha and that you will always be updated whether it be via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, or this very website.

Fill out your contact info, that way you can receive our bi-annual chapter newsletter and any other emails that can be sent to you!



Again, welcome back and ALAM!

Ashleigh Rufus

Vice President of Alumnae & Parent Engagement